Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Town Hall 2015

Hosted by OCP, a tradition of discussing thoughts and feedback on the CRP graduate experience 

February 23, 2015 - Hans Bethe House

Hein Dinh (MRP '16) & Sivan Naaman (MRP '16)

Every spring, the Organization of Cornell Planners (OCP) organizes, funds and facilitates a Town Hall meeting between the faculty and graduate students of the City and Regional Planning Department. Attendees come together to discuss student concerns and proposals for improving the everyday functioning of the department. The event serves as an opportunity to step back from the traditional classroom discussions and to critically reflect on the policies and structure of the department as a whole. 

Town Hall embodies Cornell's strong tradition of participatory planning - a cornerstone of the department's philosophy. One of the first core courses students take focuses on planning as an evolving and engaged process; this event and the interaction it facilitates closely mirrors the techniques and strategies that distinguish urban planning as a profession and our department's approach to it.

Three rounds on professional development, facilities and scheduling, and curriculum and programming.

Professor Susan Christopherson

Daniel Kuhlmann (PhD) & Hadar Sachs (URS)

Gabriel Halili (MRP '15) & Professor Michael Tomlan

Jessie Masters (MRP '16) & Isaac Robb (MRP '15)

Zoe Siegel (MRP '16) & Hilary Dowden (MRP '15)

Geslin George (MRP '16) & Professor Mildred Warner

Jennifer Rowe (MRP '15) & Melissa Strelec (MRP '15)