Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer 2014 CRP Recommended Reading/Media List

Below is list of resources and readings touching on some of the many aspects of planning, compiled by Brian Byrd, MRP '15.

Faculty Favorites

Other Books

American Planning Association (APA) 100 Essential Books of Planning Top 20 Urban Planning Books Of All Time

Planners Network Disorientation Guide: Media And Education Resource List


Congress for the New Urbanism Podcast 

The Kunstlercast   

Strong Towns 

Tuesdays at APA 


Online Reads 

APA & Planning Magazine
Cyburbia forums
CityLab (formerly The Atlantic Cities)
New Geography
Per Square Mile
Next City

Global Site Plans 

In addition, many research groups and non-profits maintain their own newsletters & list-serves.

-Common Planning Research Journals
-Journal of the American Planning Association
-International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
-Journal of Planning Education and Research
-Journal of Urban Planning and Development
-Journal of Housing and the Built Environment
-Journal of Housing and Community Development
-Cities: International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning
Town Planning Review

Trinity College Urban Studies

Clemson University Planning Resources