Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The New OCP Logo

Gabriel Halili MRP '15 talks about designing our new Organization of Cornell Planners (OCP) logo:

"At the OCP Board Retreat we all agreed that the OCP's three main purposes were to support CRP students in terms of professional development, social events, and external student relations (AAP, faculty, APA, GPSA etc). So I wanted to do something that came in threes. This was the first design I came up with:

I personally did not like this one---It wasn't enough, it looks like I just messed with the copyright symbol. But I liked the circles, so I tried this:

But this one is too flashy and looks forced and unnatural. So I tried to think of something that was away from the concept of threes and circles. I thought, what symbolizes CRP students the most? How about Sibley itself? Most of our classes are here, and we're here most of our time anyway. So I sketched Sibley Dome, scanned it and came up with this:

I was planning to make a CAD drawing of the dome, but it was too much work. So I scratched this and tried designing another one, apart from the concept of 3s and circles:

I really liked this one a lot. I even had a whole design concept related to this. I showed these designs to the board initially--a lot of people liked the one with Sibley dome, but that was too much work. Others liked the concentric one, my first design. A couple of comments produced the current one we have now. Here is my first draft of the logo:

So these final two logos were the ones that I presented to the OCP board. When we all decided that this vertical logo should be the OCP logo, I did some final tweaks using the golden ratio to make sure that things are perfectly in place. Also, the kind of red used for the letter P in the logo is the official kind of red for the Cornell branding and logo."

All images are property of Gabriel Halili