Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bus Stop Fitness

In May of this year, the New York Times published an article on the Scientific Seven Minute Workout, which discusses the findings of a paper on high-intensity training using bodyweight out of Orlando, Florida. The paper suggests that when their exercises are done quickly and correctly, it's almost as good as a much longer workout.
Ben Wiseman

Once you start doing exercises like this you start to realize how many opportunities there are for fitness throughout the day--a couple of tricep dips here, a few quick squats there--all of them adding a little more movement to our everyday lives.  Some of them might just be too embarrassing to do in public while dressed for work or school  And it is important to point out that this isn't a replacement for real, regular exercise, but it might help you to make your day a bit more lively.

One place I've often found myself looking for something to fill up a few extra minutes is waiting for my bus--especially now that it's getting cold--and this could be it. I usually ride the 10 or 30 buses which have stops downtown, on Cornell's campus, and collegetown.  Below are a few examples of stop features that can be used for a quick workout.

Milstein Hall: Step Up 

Milstein Hall: Pushups
These are both under the Milstein hall overhang, which means they are usable in inclement weather.

Bike rack at Court and Tioga streets.  If there are no bikes, try some tricep dips!

Taking public transit is already a better way to living a healthy lifestyle, and keeping fitness in mind for those bits of leftover time while you are waiting only adds benefit.  It would be even better if with more transit riders, more people became interested in fitness throughout the city, and communities actively installed fitness infrastructure like this one from Outdoor Fitness:

Body weight chest press/lat pull
This could get people thinking more about connecting moving about the city on foot with being healthy in general.  And for most planners, this is the ideal.