Friday, March 15, 2013

In Memoriam: Joseph Quandt

Nov. 28, 1992–Feb. 27, 2013
URS 2015

“He was a gentle soul — bright and considerate, observant and gifted, an insightful friend of many in our program. A life of unlimited possibilities lay ahead of him.” -- Prof. John Forester

"[As a student, he was] outstanding amongst an outstanding group. He had a great enthusiasm and regard for what he was doing. He was from the Cleveland area; he was very concerned about doing something for Cleveland in the future. Cleveland lost a part of its future.I am just disappointed that I’m not going to get to read about him in 10 years in the newspaper when he is governor of Ohio.” -- Prof. Hans Pike Oliver

“You know, some people have a kind of two-facedness. He was very even keel[ed]. He was the same way to everyone: funny and cynical, but progressive. It’s a shame for the world and us. It’s a shame not just for the Cornell-centric world. We are really losing someone who was going to stand up for the people.” -- Levi Schoenfeld

“He was one of those people that [was] always ready for everything that [was] happening –– always ready to help you, always ready to learn something new.” -- Zoloo Brown

The following are some notes posted in the 1st floor of Sibley Hall to remember Joe. 
"I only met you fall semester but by December you treated me like a true friend. If anything I hope that my song and dance put a smile on your face." 

"I wish I had gotten to know you better. You always seemed so hip, so at ease. Everyone misses you here. I hope you're still as at ease as you were."

"We will miss you so much. Your loving smile, quiet watchfulness, patient words. You had a perpetual brightness in your eyes, a hopefulness that couldn't be extinguished. You lived a life of abundance and promise. We will keep telling your story."

With you gone I feel the need to be a better planner. You had so much passion, I would hate to see a world where it went to waste. I take it upon myself to do a portion of the work you would have."

"You always had a smile on your face and a hearty laugh at the ready. You never let any situation get you down, and because of you, I want to live like you did—always smiling and optimistic. I know, and am comforted by, that wherever you are now, you've got a smile on."

"Joe had a peculiar way of communicating, but if  you dug just a little deeper you would know he was truly passionate about where he's from. He reminded me of why I'm in URS, and his mannerisms defined what URS'15 classes were like. I will truly miss all of that."

"Joe was a special young man. He was insightful, deeply interested in improving the world around him/us, and very smart. In his quiet, unassuming way, he had a gift for stepping forward and providing effective leadership for whatever task was at hand. His gentle smile welcomed everyone and encouraged all to play a constructive role in our common endeavors. We miss him now, and we will miss all the contributions he would have made for years to come. Let him rest in peace."

Joseph Quandt, who was 20 years old, died of natural causes. A memorial service will be held in Anabel Taylor Chapel on March 27 at 4 PM, followed by a reception in the One World Cafe.