Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CRP Graduate Student Open House

This past March, more than 50 prospective MRP, HPP, and PhD students came to Ithaca for a firsthand look at the programs offered in City and Regional Planning.  The Open House proceedings were directed by John Forester, and began on Friday with introductions from the faculty, presentations from each academic concentration, and a luncheon with representatives from several graduate student organizations.  The prospective students also had an opportunity to join current students and faculty at a lecture by recent graduate Andy Rumbach (PhD ’11) on disaster preparedness in American Samoa.  Friday's events concluded with a campus tour led by Ben Koffel (MRP '12) and a reception for this year's ULI/Hines Urban Design Competition participants.

“They seem like a really engaged, curious group,” said student organizer Nora Wright (MRP ‘13) of the prospective students, “and very social, probably even more so than our class.”  The weekend’s activities included several social events hosted by graduate student organizations in the department.  The Organization of Cornell Planners (OCP) hosted dinners at various restaurants in Collegetown and on the Commons for prospective MRP students both Friday and Saturday, while the HPP students gathered for a dinner of their own.  On Friday evening, Planning Students for Diversity (PSD) hosted a bowling event at Ithaca’s Bowl-o-Drome.