Thursday, April 12, 2012

Partnerships for Regional Equity: A Planners Network Forum

Image provided by Christopher Hayes

Registration is now open for Partnerships for Regional Equity: A Planners Network Forum! Planners, citizens, and scholars are invited to Cornell University in beautiful Ithaca, NY to share strategies to cooperate and achieve regional equity goals, even in the face of shrinking budgets and political opposition.  More information, including the most up-to-date program, can be found at:

Registration is free, but there is limited capacity, so reserve your spot now!  There is also an optional suggested donation to help defray costs, but please feel free to donate whatever you can. Click here to register.

Want to know more about Planners Network? Check out

Featured Activities:
  • Plenary Session: “Activist Planning: Making Local Movements National”
  • Food Systems: Presentations on Urban Agriculture, Equitable Access, and Regional Systems
  • Housing: Presentations on Community Land Trusts and Just Housing
  • Economic Dev: Presentations on Labor Coalitions, Manufacturing Retention, and Job Training
  • Sustainability: Presentations on Hydrofracking Response and Coalitions for Environment
  • Neighborhoods: Presentations on School-Community Partnerships, Gentrification, Preservation
  • Mobile Workshops and Charrettes on above topics with local organizations in the Ithaca area
  • Social Networking Events in the Community: Good food, discussion, and fun!
Proposals for presentations are still being accepted.  If you would like to speak about one of the above topics please contact Christopher Hayes.

The Planners Network Forum is sponsored by Organization of Cornell Planners, and co-sponsored by the Department of City and Regional Planning, Cornell Preservation Studies Student Association, and Cornell Women's Planning Forum.  The event is funded in part by the Cornell GPSAFC, and is open to the public.