Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CRP Skills Development Workshops

This semester, CRP is offering a series of free Skills Development Workshops organized and led by students for students.  Many of these sessions are being peer-led. While students will not receive credit for attending these workshops, participants will get the opportunity to learn or hone important skills that will assist them in their graduate studies and beyond.  These sessions are intended to be both useful AND enjoyable! Refreshments will also be served at all workshops, with the exception of those taking place in the computer lab.

Friday 17th February
Introduction to Adobe PhotoShop and InDesign Workshop
4pm - 6pm, Sibley Rm 305 (Third Floor Lab)
Grace Zheng, Cristen Chinea

Friday 24th February
Introduction to AutoCAD and Sketchup
4pm - 6pm, Sibley Rm 305 (Third Floor Lab)
Tomas Moller-Holtkamp, Vidhee Garg

Friday 9th March
Tricks to Research: Learning RefWorks
3pm - 4pm, Sibley Rm 305
Jim Knower (Mann Library)

Tuesday 13th March
Basics of Real Estate Finance: De-Mystifying the Pro-Forma.
4.30pm - 6pm, Sibley Rm 115
Robert Lewis

Tuesday 27th March
Participatory Tools for International Development
4.30pm - 6.30pm, Sibley Rm 115
Eva Birk, Marshall McCormick

Friday 6th April
Introduction to Historical Preservation
3pm – 5pm, Sibley Rm 115
(Presenters TBC)

** Other tentative sessions that are currently waiting for confirmation on scheduling are 'Dynamic Presentations' (Presented by Tony Liao and Christopher Langone, Dept of Communication) and 'Media, Press, and Lobbying' (tentative title).

(Information provided by Lindsay Carter)