Friday, January 20, 2012

ULI Competition

The ULI/Gerald D. Hines Urban Design Competition started runs from Tuesday, 1/17 through 1/31.

This year's competition focuses on a site in Houston, Texas which previously housed United States Postal Service facilities. Competing teams are asked to create a redevelopment strategy which introduces new residential development to the area while catalyzing the formation of a new district in downtown Houston.

One team working on the competition is comprised of Andrea Menotti (MBA), Melissa Poulin (MLA), Catherine Xiao Yu Bai (MLA), Hanzi Yang (MLA) and Jacob McNally (MRP).

Jacob's take on the competition:

"The competition is a great exercise in collaboration, imagination, and dedication. Our team has been working day and night to come up with a master plan that will bring people back into downtown Houston and capitalize on a site that has long been underutilized."

Jacob's team working on the ULI Competition in Sibley
Photo Credit: Inna Kitaychik

Other teams working on the competition include:

Kendra Fitzrandolph (MLA), Michael Voelkel (MLA), Hamidreza Pezeshkian (MPS/RE), Zeewan Lee (MRP) and Vidhee Garg (MRP).

Michael, Kendra, Hamidreza, Zeewan and Vidhee working on the ULI competition in Kennedy
Photo Credit: Inna Kitaychik

Logan Axelson (MRP), Rebecca Parelman (MRP), Ryan Wright (MLA), Jesse Nicholson (MLA), Jessica Coulson (MPS/RE) are also working on the competition as a team.

Ryan, Rebecca, Logan, Jessica and Jesse working on the ULI competition at Kennedy
Photo credit: Inna Kitaychik

Good luck, teams!