Monday, January 9, 2012

Transportation Camp & Livable Communities Code-A-Thon

This winter break CRP students are partaking in a wide variety of planning related activies outside the scope of the University.

Boris Suchkov, a second year Masters student, is participating in the third TransportationCamp - a transportation planning conference in D.C. on January 21. This meeting is called an"unconference" because all of its participants have the opportunity to organize a session and there is a high level of informal interactivity. The most common topics of discussion include best practices and technical challenges of open data, means of decreasing tech costs for transportation agencies, and creative new solutions to transportation issues.

Transportation Camp Logo

The Livable Communities Code-a-thon is a competition, funded by the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, to create software to solve planning problems (two are stated in the problem description, but others can be specified as well) that uses government data sets and promotes sustainability and livability principles. Boris made a small contribution to planning this when he was an intern at DOT over the summer which involved going to meetings and partaking in a presentation that introduced the idea of the competition to some DOT senior staff).

Partnership for Sustainable Communities

Boris is organizing a Cornell team together for the event which will work from campus. If you are interested please contact him by January 14 at