Monday, January 23, 2012

Sustainable Neighborhoods Nicuragua

1st year MRP student Nora Wright has secured the support of Cornell University Sustainable Design to partner with SosteNica, the Sustainable Development Fund of Nicaragua, to create a new business model for affordable housing and to create the first 30-house house cooperative in Nicaragua to integrate ecological technologies.

This collaborative effort seeks to design innovative affordable housing and neighborhood planning in conjunction with the self-build and cooperative loan fund model. Through this project, CUSD hopes to lead in the field of sustainable design for low-cost ecological housing. The development, when completed, will be the first micro loan fund program to combine sustainable technologies with affordable housing in Nicaragua. Following the research and design phases, CUSD will participate in the construction of the community building and one of the 30 homes with the community in Nicaragua.

Nora is in the process of recruiting a research team for the first segment of the project which will span the course of the spring semester. Those interested should attend one information session (You can't sign up for an interview without attending!)

Information sessions will be given on:

January 25 at 5pm, Kimball B 11

January 30 at 5:00 Mann Lobby 102

January 31 at 5:00 Sibley 157

This is a great opportunity to gain international experience, work on the design of a neighborhood, and work in a collaborative team.

Nora holding Sustainable Neighborhoods Nicaragua brochure
Photo credit: Inna Kitaychik