Friday, December 23, 2011

New York City Workshop

Over the course of the semester, a group of second year students would wake up early on every other Friday and make the pilgrimage from Ithaca to New York City to partake in Professor Bob Balder's New York City Workshop. The class involved working with New York City agencies on tackling issues in NYC neighborhoods. Here are some of the projects the CRP students worked on:

The Crash Quotient:Strategy for Modeling Traffic Safety in New York City
by: Cristen Chinea,Alyson Fletcher, Boris Suchkov, Yuanxin Sun
presented to: Transportation Alternatives, NYC

This project tracked daytime crashes involving a cyclist or pedestrian in Manhattan's West Village. The project aims for a way to interpret the data presented at CrashStat and introduces a crash quotient with which to account for differences in the enviroments in which the crashes occur. The team makes a number of recommendations for improving on their crash quotient and for improving the Crashstat website.

Map of Crashes in NYC
NYC Workshop: Crash Quotient Report

Food Availability and Access in East Harlem
by: Rebecca Gershon, Gregory Kelly, Juliet Mugabi, Tracy Wax
presented to: New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

The students worked on food accessibility issues in the face of East Harlem's 62% rate of obesity. The students made recommendations using the Green Carts initiative, Farmer's Markets, and community supported agriculture among other suggestions to improve the availability of healthy food in the neighborhood.

Mural in East Harlem
NYC Workshop: Food Availability Report