Wednesday, November 11, 2015

CRP Alumni Reception in NYC

On October 17th, the Organization of Cornell Planners (OCP), organized an informal alumni meet-up in New York City. The AAP NYC program hosted the CRP reception in the gallery space of the 20th floor AAP NYC studio space at 26 Broadway. The reception occurred concurrently with Open House New York, a weekend where 300+ of New York City's most famous spaces are open for public tours. CRP students spent Saturday exploring Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs, visiting some of the city's most iconic neighborhoods, buildings and projects. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

PSD & WPF's November #RealTalk

Join Planning Students for Diversity & Women's Planning Forum next week (11/04) for the November #RealTalk

Ithaca City Cemetery Clean-up

Students at Ithaca Cemetery
Credits: Historic Ithaca
On August 29, 2015, graduate students from the M.A. HPP, MRP, and CIPA programs, as well as community members joined Historic Ithaca to clean up the Ithaca City Cemetery. Established around 1790, the cemetery covers 16 acres of University Hill, located to the west of Cornell’s campus. Often used by students as a pass through, the cemetery has suffered from acts of vandalism and general decay. Working in the oldest part of the cemetery, the CRP and CIPA students were split into two different groups. One group worked on digging out headstones that had cracked and fallen over to ultimately reset them and the other worked on cleaning nearby monuments. Historic Ithaca taught students how to use an environmentally friendly enzyme cleaner to scrub the headstones. After the work of digging out and cleaning a row of four headstones was complete, Historic Ithaca referred to a map made decades ago in order to know where to instruct students to place the headstones. After digging out a section of ground to replace them, students reset the headstones in the correct location and refilled the holes. Upon completion, two monuments and five headstones had been cleaned and reset.

The Fitch Colloquium

HPP students, alumni, and Professor Jeffrey Chusid in front of Butler 
Library at Columbia University
On October 17, students in the Historic Preservation Planning Program attended the Fitch Colloquium at Columbia University in New York City. The Colloquium is held annually in honor of James Marston Fitch who founded Columbia’s Historic Preservation Program. This year’s program was special because it is the 50th anniversary of the New York City Landmarks Law. Preservation organizations across the city have been celebrating this anniversary through various events throughout the year such as exhibitions and symposia that have examined how preservation has affected the city. 

1st Year CRP Students Travel to Cleveland

Walking Tour of Downtown Cleveland.
Each Fall, First-Year MRP students are encouraged to participate in a class trip to a large U.S. city.  During the first weekend of October, first year MRP students traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to learn about various planning initiatives to revitalize the once prospering city!  Professor Jeff Chusid and two second year MRP students led the trip.  Prior to the trip, students were able to learn a bit about Cleveland during a scheduled colloquium.  John Grabowski of Case Western University provided the first years just enough information about the city to get us excited for the trip!

During the students’ time in Cleveland they were given the opportunity to learn about city planning initiatives from various development agencies, network with local alum, and take in some of the unique flavor that the city has to offer.   The trip started off in Terminal Tower.  The Tower is one of Cleveland’s most well recognized buildings, and also home to the Renaissance Hotel where the group stayed for the weekend.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Erie County Focus Group in Amherst, NY

A focus group discussion conducted by the students of Economic Development Workshop (CRP 5074) was held at Salvatore's Grand Hotel in Amherst, New York on 24th September, 2015. Senators from New York State Assembly and representatives of towns and village from the state were a part of this meeting.